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Hebei Jianzhi Casting Group Ltd. established in 1982 is a large enterprise manufacturing pipe fittings for more than thirty years. The company covers an area of 100,000 square meters and the total assets value is 3 billion RMB. It has more than 4000 employees, over 300 advanced and intermediate engineering technicians included. It is supplying Ductile iron grooved fittings, Malleable iron threaded fittings, Malleable cast iron liner plastic fittings, various Lines fittings and Mechanical spare parts and the annual production is more than 80,000 metric tons. Jianzhi products have been sold to over 30 provinces in China and exported to more than 130 countries and regions, such as Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa, South America and Oceania and so on. It is the leader in the fitting industry in domestic.
Hebei Jianzhi Casting Group Ltd. has won the provincial and ministerial science and technology progress awards for many times, and obtained more...

Hebei Jianzhi Casting Group Co., Ltd

Factory covers an area of

4500 People

Worker number

10 Billion

Total assets

20 Multinomial


1982 /year

Worker number





[News] Jianzhi Group was re-elected as the rotating chairman unit of the Pipe Fittings and Valve Castings Branch of China Foundry Association!

On the morning of May 9, 2023, the first five council of the pipe fittings and valve castings branch of China Foundry Association was held in Tianjin National Convention and Exhibition Center. Zhang Zhiyong, executive vice president of China Foundry Association, Gao Yan, executive deputy secretary general, and representatives of 30 governing units of the branch attended the meeting. By voting at the meeting, Jianzhi Group was re-elected as the rotating chairman unit. At the meeting, Ren Dong said that as the rotating chairman unit, Jianzhi Group will continue to strengthen self-discipline, accelerate development, earnestly perform the duties of the chairman, strengthen industry communication and exchanges, promote technological innovation, adhere to quality standards, and make intelligent transformation and Digital transformation, green and low-carbon, environmental protection and consumption reduction, etc., make more positive contributions!



[News] Warmly congratulate Ren Jiuhong, Chairman of Jianzhi Group, on winning the "China Foundry Industry Lifetime Achievement Award"!

On September 18-21, the "18th Annual Meeting of China Foundry Association" sponsored by China Foundry Association was held in Shanghai Fuyue Hotel. Ren Jiuhong, Chairman of Jianzhi Group, Ai Chenguang, Deputy General Manager, and Wang Baohai, Minister of Equipment Department, were invited to attend the event.



[News] Congratulations to the employees of Jianzhi Group on their outstanding achievements in the 7th National Casting Industry Vocational Skills Competition!

From July 16 to 17, the finals of the 7th National Casting Industry Vocational Skills Competition in 2022 were held in Pingyin, Jinan. This competition was approved by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and jointly organized by the China Foundry Association and the China Employment Training Technical Guidance Center. It is a national-level second-class competition. This competition is a skill competition for casting core workers, casting smelting pouring workers and mold workers. The contestants are employees of national casting enterprises. With the theme of "refining strong craftsmen of the times and casting a good future", the competition is based on 16 teams from Liaoning, Guangdong, Hebei, Anhui, Hong Kong and other places, and 231 front-line elites from casting enterprises compete on the same stage!



[News] Seeks School-Enterprise Cooperation, Promotes Integration of Industry, Education and Research, and Helps High-Quality Development-Teachers from Mechanical and Electrical Engineering College of Tangshan University Go to Chifeng to Build Branch Management Industry for Inspection and Exchange!

In order to further strengthen the cooperation between schools and enterprises, deepen the development of industry-university-research integration, and continuously improve the level of scientific research and the quality of personnel training, from July 8 to 10, Liu xiuhui, secretary of the general party branch of mechanical and electrical engineering of Tangshan university, yuan shaoqiang, president of Tangshan university, dr yang yuehui and dr Li ping visited the production site of Chifeng branch management industry, and discussed the current development trend of our company, bottleneck of technology and cooperation projects.



[News] In 2022, the 7th National Foundry Industry Vocational Skills Competition Hebei Division Selection Competition and the "Jianzhi Cup" Hebei Foundry Industry Vocational Skills Competition were grandly held in Jianzhi Group!

On the morning of July 1, under the guidance of China Foundry Association and Hebei casting and forging Industry Association, and sponsored by Yutian County Party committee and county government, The 2022 seventh national foundry industry vocational skills competition Hebei competition area selection competition and "Jianzhi Cup" Hebei foundry industry vocational skills competition was held in Hebei Jianzhi foundry group.


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