[News] Jianzhi Group was re-elected as the rotating chairman unit of the Pipe Fittings and Valve Castings Branch of China Foundry Association!

On the morning of May 9, 2023, the first five council of the pipe fittings and valve castings branch of China Foundry Association was held in Tianjin National Convention and Exhibition Center. Zhang Zhiyong, executive vice president of China Foundry Association, Gao Yan, executive deputy secretary general, and representatives of 30 governing units of the branch attended the meeting.

By voting at the meeting, Jianzhi Group was re-elected as the rotating chairman unit.At the meeting, Ren Dong said that as a rotating chairman unit, Jianzhi Group will continue to strengthen self-discipline, accelerate development, earnestly perform the duties of the chairman, and strengthen industry communication and exchanges,Promote scientific and technological innovation, adhere to quality standards, in intelligent transformation and digital transformation, green low-carbon, environmental protection and consumption reduction, etc.,Make a more positive contribution!