[News] Seeks School-Enterprise Cooperation, Promotes Integration of Industry, Education and Research, and Helps High-Quality Development-Teachers from Mechanical and Electrical Engineering College of Tangshan University Go to Chifeng to Build Branch Management Industry for Inspection and Exchange!

In order to further strengthen school-enterprise cooperation, deepen the development of industry-university-research integration, and continuously improve the level of scientific research and the quality of talent training, from July 8th to 10th, Liu Xiuhui, Secretary of the Party Branch of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of Tangshan University, Yuan Shaoqiang, Dean, Dr. Yang Yuehui and Dr. Li Ping and his party To Chifeng construction branch pipe industry for production site inspection, and on the current development trend of our company, technology development bottleneck problems and industry-university-research cooperation projects and other related matters to discuss. Chairman Ren Jiuhong personally received the inspection representatives of Tangshan College and the deputy general manager of the group company. Ai Chenguang and Liu Tang and Liu Jinsheng, deputy general managers of the pipe company, accompanied the visit.
At the meeting, Chairman Ren first welcomed the arrival of a group of people from Tangshan College and made expectations for the development of cooperation projects between the two parties. Chairman Ren hopes that the two sides will strengthen ties and take active actions, so that colleges and universities can provide technical support for the research and development of new products, and enterprises will also build a platform for talent training in colleges and universities, earnestly implement school-enterprise cooperation, develop together, and achieve win-win results for both sides. Deputy General Manager Liu Tang introduced the business, related production lines, production processes, technological innovation and series of product characteristics of Chifeng Jianzhi Management Co., Ltd., and put forward the bottleneck problem of current technological development, hoping that the two sides will jointly formulate solutions and overcome difficulties with the help of the advantages of enterprise production and university science and technology service platform.
Dean Yuan Shaoqiang introduced the school running situation, scientific research and social services of the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of Tangshan University, and then explained and discussed the progress of the previous project and technical related issues. Dean Yuan hopes to deepen school-enterprise cooperation, give full play to the functions of university personnel training, scientific research and serving the society, and continuously deepen the development of industry-university-research integration. Secretary Liu Xiuhui introduced the training and employment of students in Tang College, hoping to further understand the demand for talents, strengthen the cooperation between schools and enterprises, promote scientific research and innovation, and improve the quality of talent training through the development of the activities of visiting enterprises. At the meeting, the two sides reached a consensus on the direction of cooperation in the next step.
Finally, the representatives of both sides jointly launched the listing ceremony of the production-university-research base of the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of Tangshan University and Chifeng Construction Branch Management Industry, and took a group photo as a souvenir.
The establishment of the industry-university-research base will bring broad prospects for personnel training, technological innovation, product upgrading and product application. The two sides share the hope that solid and effective cooperation will bear fruit.