China will hold the second casting festival-manufacturers from more than 80 countries and regions in the world to participate

The second China Foundry Festival will be held in Beijing from May 14 to 20. At that time, 168 well-known foundry manufacturers from more than 80 countries and regions in the world will attend the meeting. The 12th China Foundry Association Annual Meeting and the First Global Foundry Forum, the 2016 World Foundry Organization International Forum on Cast Iron and Steel Technology, the 6th BRICS Foundry Forum, the 14th China International Foundry Expo and more than 100 technical exchange activities will also be held at the same time. The China Foundry Association will organize top experts in the industry to carry out on-site consultation activities.

China's foundry industry has ranked first in the world for 15 consecutive years, with an annual output of more than 46.2 million tons of castings, accounting for 44.6 of the world's casting output. It has become a veritable world foundry country, attracting worldwide attention, but there is still a gap with the world's top foundry powers. This year's Foundry Festival will invite experts from the United States, Germany, Japan and other foundry powers to give speeches to exchange the latest international foundry achievements and development trends, which will promote energy conservation and emission reduction, transformation and upgrading and international cooperation in China's foundry industry. China's foundry industry will develop towards low-carbon, circular and intensive green foundry.

It is estimated that by 2020, the proportion of light alloy castings such as aluminum and magnesium in the total casting output in China's foundry industry will increase from 13% in 2014 to about 20%, and the comprehensive energy consumption per ton of castings will decrease by 10% compared with 2015. The utilization rate of casting waste (old) sand has been further improved, with the annual recycling amount of casting waste sand reaching more than 3 million tons.

The newly issued 13th Five-Year Plan of China Foundry will be committed to innovating and conquering the core casting technology of key castings needed in the fields of energy and power, rail transit, aerospace and other fields, and conquering the manufacturing of basic castings such as high-pressure and high-flow high-end hydraulic castings of construction machinery. And in the advanced automation casting equipment, waste sand regeneration, high efficiency and energy saving smelting equipment, casting 3D printing equipment and other fields to break through a number of major technical equipment development and application problems.

Source: China Energy Network