[Publicity] New Construction Project of Chifeng Jianzhi Technology Co., Ltd. with Annual Output of 400000 Tons of High Precision Fluid Casting

Annual Production of Chifeng Jianzhi Technology Co., Ltd.40Ten thousand tons of high precision fluid casting project new construction

Public Participation in Environmental Impact AssessmentIIsecondary publicity

1.The network link of the full text of the draft of the environmental impact report and the ways and means of consulting the paper report.

The public can access the following linkElectronic version of the draft environmental impact statement for comments:


   The public can go to the office of Chifeng Jianzhi Management Co., Ltd. to check the paper report of the draft of the environmental impact report.

Public Scope of 2. Consultation

The public participating in the survey can be residents of the area around the construction project.(Next Denggao, Malantu Village, Baogulu Village, Bahrain Village, Nanshan Village, Xiaoheyan Village, etc.), Enterprises and institutions, or local administrative departments and people from all walks of life who are concerned about environmental protection, letter or participate in filling out the questionnaire, please fill in the basic information of individuals and units and sign their names according to the contents of the questionnaire.

Three,Network Connection of Public Opinion Form

The public participating in the survey mayDownload the Public Comments Form via the following web link:


FourMain ways for the public to put forward opinions

There are mainly the following ways for the public to participate in the survey and put forward opinions:

1. You can directly fill in the public participation survey form, fax, mail, email to thisUnit.

2. You can contact this directly.Unitor feedback from environmental impact assessment agencies.

Five, the publicProposedopinionStarting and ending time

2019Year8Month8DayafterWithin 5 working days.

SixName and contact information of construction unit

Construction unit:Chifeng Jianzhi Technology Co., Ltd.Company

Joint Department People:Tan Gong

Contact Phone:13624761949


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Chifeng Jianzhi Technology Co., Ltd.Company