[Highlights] Shandong's strictest environmental protection began. After Weifang, Zaozhuang began a new round of environmental protection inspectors!

On March 10, the first meeting of the Shandong Provincial Environmental Supervision Leading Group was held in Jinan. Sun Wei, member of the Standing Committee of the Shandong Provincial Party Committee and Executive Vice Governor, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Yu Xiaoming, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Secretary-General of the Provincial Party Committee, presided over the meeting.


Sun Wei, Member of the Standing Committee of Shandong Provincial Party Committee and Executive Vice Governor


The meeting reported the work of environmental protection inspectors in the province, deliberated and passed in principle.The working rules of the leading Group of Environmental Protection Supervision in Shandong Province and the implementation Plan of Environmental Protection Supervision in Shandong Province have arranged and deployed the next tasks.


At present, Shandong Dezhou, Liaocheng, Heze, Weifang, Zaozhuang and other cities have launched the "most stringent environmental protection" mode! According to Intercontinental casting users, some factories in Qingdao have also begun to stick seals!



Shandong Weifang Environmental Protection Bureau announced measures to limit production and stop production. All casting was stopped before the end of the month, including grooved pipe fittings, causing an uproar in the casting industry.



Zaozhuang will also start municipal environmental protection inspectors


On March 16, the first environmental protection supervision group of zaozhuang city tengzhou city work mobilization meeting was held.

Xu Damin, leader of the first environmental protection supervision group of Zaozhuang City and Deputy Secretary General of Zaozhuang municipal Party committee, pointed out at the mobilization meeting that the central government will carry out environmental protection supervision on Shandong Province this year. As a typical resource exhausted city and heavy chemical industry city, Zaozhuang City will be the focus of the central environmental protection supervision group.


The inspector stationed time from March 15 to 28, a period of two weeks.


Many Shandong casting colleagues reflect that this year will be the most difficult year for casting enterprises, and shortage will become the norm!


Looking back on the previous inspections, the following occurred:

(Note: The following is the current situation disclosed by the relevant media, not the current situation)

Beijing: More than 1200 enterprises such as Sinopec Yanshan Branch stopped production and limited production.


At 20 o'clock on December 18, 2016, Beijing started a red alert for heavy air pollution. According to the emergency plan, a total of more than 1200 enterprises started to stop production and limit production in response to the red warning, of which more than 700 stopped production and more than 500 limited production.


The industry in which the enterprise is located mainly involves printing, construction, building materials, auto parts production, petrochemical and other fields. For this reason, some packaging and printing enterprises within the scope of Beijing have to stop receiving orders. In the list of production suspension restrictions, Beijing Hualian Printing Co., Ltd., Beijing Jinyu Mortar Co., Ltd. and other companies were required to stop production, and Beijing Jingmei Chemical Co., Ltd., China Petroleum and Chemical Co., Ltd. Beijing Yanshan Branch, etc. were required to limit production. An executive at China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation said idle workers were still paid, albeit at a reduced rate.


Shanghai: Industrial production limited, some construction projects suspended


The smog began to cover Shanghai on December 15. The most dangerous pollutants in the air reached a two-year peak. The Shanghai government asked industries to limit production and reduce emissions on Weibo, and some construction projects were suspended.


Hebei: More than 1500 Enterprises Stopped Production Limit


According to media reports, Hebei Province has implemented production control measures for key industries such as cement, foundry, steel, thermal power, coking and coal-fired boilers. At present, more than 1500 enterprises have stopped production. Industrial enterprises that have not made production suspension requirements in the sharp sword action and air pollution prevention and control dispatching order will reduce air pollutant emissions by a minimum of 50%.


Tianjin: Three types of enterprises to stop production for a limited time


Level II emergency response measures, including three types of enterprises to stop production for a limited time, requiring sewage industrial enterprises to limit production and reduce emissions, and stop all construction site earthwork operations such as construction sites. From November 1 to March next year, cement enterprises in 20 cities in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong, Henan and other places will not be allowed to produce; foundry enterprises, except those with facilities in place and large scale, will stop production; iron and steel enterprises that do not meet the standards will also stop production. Many sanitary ware enterprises as key sewage units and overcapacity enterprises require enterprises to stop production for one month or production lines to stop month by month.


Linyi, Shandong: 120-day limited production


Heavy air pollution industries such as thermal power, steel, building materials, chemicals, petrochemicals, and papermaking have implemented emission restriction measures, completed ultra-low emission transformation of coal-fired units, strictly implemented the standard emission limits of gas-fired units, and the total emission of air pollutants in the jurisdiction Cut by more than 30%.


Among them, Linyi became the "highlight" of Shandong Province and decided to implement a 120-day limited production work,The peak production time of various industries is November 1, 2016-February 28, 2017.The scope of this off-peak production includes key industries and enterprises that emit air pollutants such as packaging and printing, building ceramics, and shale bricks, as well as large-scale construction projects and enterprises with overcapacity. Key pollutant discharge units and enterprises with excess capacity are required to stop production for one month or stop production lines month by month, so as to ensure that the pollution load is reduced by more than 25% on the basis of normal production. During the off-peak production period, relevant enterprises must do a good job in equipment maintenance, technical transformation, maintenance of environmental protection facilities, and staff training, and ensure that the waste pollutants after the resumption of production are stably discharged up to the standard. Under the emergency state of heavy pollution weather, measures to stop production and limit production should also be implemented in accordance with the emergency emission reduction requirements.


Shaanxi: Jinyuan Chemical and Shenmu Electric have not started yet.


The construction of calcium carbide is still at a low level. Jinyuan Chemical and Shenmu Electrochemical have not started driving for the time being. It is said that the environmental protection team has been evacuated from Yulin one after another, so the follow-up mainly focuses on the recovery of local calcium carbide. On the whole, calcium carbide is basically enough, the price center of gravity is stable, and the wait-and-see atmosphere is still strong.


Shanxi: Discontinue production if the emission does not meet the standard


In response to this round of smog, Shanxi Province requires heavy polluting industries such as thermal power, steel, coking, and chemical industries within the urban built-up area to reduce load production on the basis of existing emergency emission reduction measures, and all industrial enterprises that cannot achieve stable emission standards will stop production.


Henan: a number of coal-fired boiler packaging plant shut down


Since August this year, the environmental protection inspection team has been stationed in many cities in Henan. In October, the environmental protection inspection team settled in Henan again, and the packaging plants of many coal-fired boilers in Zhengzhou were forced to stop production.


In order to reduce the impact of industrial enterprises' emissions on air quality, Zhengzhou, Henan Province, has taken a number of measures to supervise industrial enterprises to reduce pollutant emissions, urge key polluting industrial enterprises in the city to reduce load production, strictly implement peak shift production measures, reduce industrial pollutant emissions, and refine emission restriction measures for enterprises that implement production restrictions, specifically to workshop sections and to specific posts.


For this reason, the boss of a packaging factory in Henan complained: smog! Haze! Haze! If you don't agree, you will stop production. Originally, the price of the original film was soaring, but now it is limited and stopped production. Is this why I have to take a holiday in advance? You have stopped my two factories, okay, there is nothing to do at all!


Chengdu: 171 Enterprises Limit Production, 267 Stop Production


In order to combat haze, strict air pollution emergency emission reduction measures have been launched in Chengdu. It is understood that at present, 171 enterprises in Chengdu province have limited production and 267 have stopped production. In Banzhuyuan Town, Xindu District, Chengdu, a plastic products factory in Chengdu said, "We are also responding to the call to actively limit production". The factory's production limit was implemented from December 3, with a 50% reduction in production. In the past, factories had to start work on weekends, but now they basically stop production on weekends. Some packaging and printing factories in Chengdu have reported that they have received a notice from the government to rectify environmental protection. Enterprises that do not meet the emission standards may be forced to stop production.


Pearl River Delta Region: Environmental Storm Raids Guangfo Deep Enterprises to Shut Down


As of December 18, 2016, the Central Fourth Environmental Protection Inspectorate has assigned 227 Shenzhen reports. These 227 cases have been handled separately and 98 cases have been completed. The handling of cases in Shenzhen is basically guaranteed to be changed every day.


As of December 13, all parts of Guangdong have ordered 1124 enterprises to rectify, 982 enterprises have been put on file for punishment, with a proposed penalty amount of 30.487 million yuan. The public security organs have filed 48 cases for investigation, 36 administrative detention, 60 criminal detention, 347 interview and 183 accountability. In Foshan alone, according to the Foshan Environmental Protection Bureau, as of December 11, a total of 11865 law enforcement officers had been dispatched, 793 enterprises had been shut down, 11 environmental criminal cases had been cracked, 5 people had been detained, 3 people had been arrested and 3 people had been transferred for prosecution. In just a few days, 22 factories in Shishan had been shut down, 63 enterprises in Shunde had been detained for investigation, and the supervision efforts were shocking.


These days, aluminum factory, coloring processing plant, furniture, plastics and other industries are all "environmental protection screen". According to media reports, BYD, the United States and other large companies are also in the list of environmental supervision.

Areas along the Yangtze River: No new petroleum processing and chemical projects


In the areas along the Yangtze River where the petrochemical industry is most concentrated, we should focus on the implementation of reduction, transfer, transformation and upgrading plans. Orderly promotion of the transfer of chemical enterprises around regional central cities and along both sides of the river to coastal areas with environmental capacity. It is not allowed to build or expand petroleum processing, petrochemical, basic organic and inorganic chemical, and coal chemical projects that use bulk imported oil and gas resources as raw materials. It is strictly prohibited to build new hazardous chemicals docks within 1km of the coastline of the main stream and major tributaries of the Yangtze River.


In addition, the Ministry of Environmental Protection also pointed out that for places with prominent environmental problems, the Ministry of Environmental Protection will also carry out special inspections and "look back" from time to time, and gradually build a central environmental protection inspection as the mainstay and prefectural environmental protection inspections. Based on the foundation, an all-round and systematic all-round supervision system supplemented by special supervision and "looking back.


The division of labor between the central environmental protection supervision and the municipal environmental protection supervision is different. The municipal environmental protection supervision will mainly solve the current environmental protection problems at the county and district levels, which is also the current difficult problem of the central environmental protection supervision.


All walks of life are about to enter an era when money cannot be bought. Please prepare your casting colleagues to stock up, learn new techniques and prepare for rebirth!

Source: Intercontinental Foundry