Hebei Jianzhi Group Chifeng to Yutian Road Freight Transport Project Hot Bidding! The annual transportation fee is about 15 million yuan!

Transportation business from Chifeng to Yutian of Hebei Jianzhi Group

Invitation to Bid 2024

If you are in the road freight transport industry

Have the corresponding qualification and strength

If you have the idea of obtaining a stable supply and a good income

If you have a longer-term vision for your career

Please contact us for a request for tender


1. Project Name:Chifeng Jianzhi to Yutian Jianzhi round-trip transportation tender.

The annual transportation fee is about 15 million yuan. 1-2 transportation units will be selected through bidding.

2. transport quality requirements:See Annex I for details.

3. Contract Duration and Vehicle Requirements:

Sign a long-term contract once a year. Under normal circumstances, the car plan is issued one day in advance. The Transporter shall dispatch vehicles as required. For good service, timely dispatch of cars, high reputation of the winning bidder priority car.

4. price:

1, the same conditions low bid. The price quoted is 9% VAT.

2. Under normal circumstances, the price during the contract period shall be implemented according to the "5. price adjustment method" of this tender document, and no price negotiation or bidding shall be carried out. In case of special circumstances, the two sides shall settle the matter through consultation. If the negotiation fails, the contract shall be rescinded and the price shall be negotiated again.

5. price adjustment method:

The price of diesel oil in Hebei Province published on the website of the National Development and Reform Commission shall prevail, and the freight rate shall be adjusted according to the time of oil price adjustment.

Adjustment method:

1. Take 25% of the difference between the adjusted diesel price and the contract diesel price as the price adjustment base, and the freight rate adjustment will not change within 1%.

2. Calculation formula:

Freight rate = contract freight rate + (adjusted oil price-contract oil price) ÷ contract oil price x 25% x contract freight rate

6. Payment Method:VAT invoice will be issued before the 5th of each month, and freight will be settled within 15 days after receipt of the invoice.

Time of 7. Bid Delivery:Before December 10, 2023.

8. Bid Security:

1. The bid bond of 200000 yuan shall be paid by telegraphic transfer before the bid is submitted. The winning unit shall be automatically converted into the performance bond, and the unsuccessful unit shall be returned without interest within 10 days after the bid opening results are announced.

Remittance account: Hebei Jianzhi Foundry Group Co., Ltd.

Opening Bank: Yutian County Sub-branch of ICBC

Account number: 0403014709300126901

2. In any of the following circumstances, the bidder's deposit shall be confiscated:

(1) Failure to sign the contract as required after winning the bid.

(2) It is found that there is a string of bids, accompanying bids and surrounding bids.

(3) Withdrawal without justifiable reasons or request to cancel the documents within the validity period is deemed to be in violation of the bidding regulations.

(4) There are other acts of unfair competition.

3. A copy of the deposit remittance form shall be put into the tender document for inquiry.

9. bid evaluation method:

The bid evaluation team conducts a comprehensive review of the qualifications, scale, reputation, service quality, price, performance, etc. of the bidding unit, unified bid opening, open bidding, and low price priority under the same conditions.

10. Bid Requirements:

1. The bidding documents include: brief introduction of the bidding unit; A copy of the business license and operating certificate; The performance of the bidding unit in the past 3 years; The power of attorney; The tender letter (quotation); The enterprise credit report issued by "Credit China", etc.

2. The tender documents shall be stamped with the official seal of the unit and the signature of the legal representative.

3. Requirements for bid document packaging: the seal is intact, the binding is neat, the seal is stamped with the official seal of the bidding unit, and the envelope shall be marked with the words "Hebei Jianzhi Foundry Group's vehicle transportation bidding documents.

XI. Annexes:Quotation, power of attorney, cargo volume table, tender commitment, integrity notice.

Bidding Unit: Hebei Jianzhi Foundry Group Co., Ltd.

Contacts: Yang Yuusheng and Dong Jidong

Telephone: 15032915430, 13832586974

Hebei Jianzhi Foundry Group Co., Ltd.

15 November 2023