[Heavy] Hebei Jianzhi Casting Group Co., Ltd. Releases 2024 Shipping Tender Announcement, Bid Bond 100000 Yuan!

Hebei Jianzhi Foundry Group Co., Ltd.

2024 Maritime Tender Notice

1. bidding project

2024 Sea Transport Tender

2. Tendering Department

Sales Department of Construction Branch Group

3. bidding registration time

November 15-20, bid delivery time November 21-26, bid results announcement time: December 5.

4. Tender Instructions

1. This tender can be delivered by mail;

2. Bidding shipping area: Fujian Province, Guangdong Province, Guangxi Province and Hainan Province. (See Shipping Quotation for details);

3、Contact persons for registration and bidding: Yang Yuesheng and Gan Jinman; Contact numbers: 0315-6504567, 0315-6509901; Mailbox: 547615774@qq.com;

4、Deposit payment:A bid bond of 100000 yuan is required (a bond receipt can be provided if there is a bond). The winning bid will be directly converted into a performance bond and the unsuccessful bid will be returned. Deposit remitted to: Yutian County Sub-branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, 0403014709300126901, Hebei Jianzhi Casting Group Co., Ltd;

5. Contents of the tender: business license (original), road transport license (original), maritime account opening agreement (original), maritime quotation (signed by the legal person and stamped with the official seal), copy of the legal person's ID card, certificate of remittance of bid bond, performance certificate, etc;

6, this bid evaluation is a comprehensive evaluation, according to the quotation, arrival period, performance and other comprehensive scoring, select the best two.

Hebei Jianzhi Foundry Group Co., Ltd.

10 November 2023


Registration contact information

Contacts: Yang Yuesheng and Gan Jinman

Telephone: 0315-6504567, 0315-6509901

Email: 547615774@qq.com

For electronic documents of the tender announcement or other questions, please call 0315-6504567 and 0315-6509901.