[Good News] "Jianzhi" Trademark Won "Hebei Brand" List

In the "Hebei Brand" selection activity organized by the Hebei Brand Strategy Promotion Association, the "Jianzhi" trademark was on the list. "Build a branch"The trademark has been a famous trademark in Hebei Province since 2001,In 2014, "" was recognized as "China's well-known trademark", and the 10th Brand Festival in 2016 won another prize."One county, one product· Hebei characteristic brand"Medal.

Jianzhi Group always adheres to the improvement and innovation of product and service quality, adheres to the focused development and business expansion of brand value, seeks development through scientific and technological innovation, and creates brilliance with brand. The acquisition of this honor not only reflects the influence of the Jianzhi brand in the industry, but also reflects the continuous recognition of the Jianzhi brand by users and the government.


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