[Good News] Jianzhi Group Technology Center was named provincial enterprise technology center

Recently, according to the measures for the Management of identified Enterprise Technology Centers in Hebei Province, 45 enterprise technology centers, including Hebei Jianzhi Foundry Group Co., Ltd., have been identified as provincial identified enterprise technology centers after expert review and comprehensive review. -- Source: High-tech Industry Department of Hebei Development and Reform Network

Attached: Introduction of Technology Center

Jianzhi Group has an innovative team full of passion and vitality. It has been engaged in the development and production of malleable cast iron threaded pipe fittings for many years. The R & D personnel have rich practical experience and systematic professional knowledge.

The enterprise technology center consists of four departments, including technology research and development department, laboratory, quality inspection department, and equipment management department. The research and development involves foundry science, materials science, electromechanical, iron and steel metallurgy, chemical analysis and other disciplines. The company has a comprehensive laboratory, and has conducted technical exchanges and cooperation with many universities and scientific research units, which has enhanced the overall innovation strength of the R & D team.

Jianzhi Enterprise Technology Center has successfully developed more than a dozen patented technologies and scientific research achievements, such as JSS-12 series energy-saving annealing furnace, high-temperature sealing furnace-new energy-saving heat treatment process for black-heart malleable cast iron, full-automatic multifunctional pipe fitting press, portable pipe thread axis angle detection device and accessories, etc., and has achieved remarkable economic and social benefits. He has been commended and rewarded by the national, Ministry of Agriculture, provincial, municipal and county governments for many times.

Strong scientific research strength and research and development team have ensured the international quality of construction pipe fittings. For many years, the market scrap rate has been kept below 1/400000. After the introduction of the industry's highest quality commitment-"a gray piece award of 1618 yuan", it has been widely concerned and recognized by customers.