[Flash] Jianzhi Group Tianjin Fire Protection Exhibition Ends!

In this hot summer day, the sun is as warm and unrestrained as fire,Fire Protection Exhibition to Commemorate Tanggu 8.10 Major Fire AccidentInThe Tianjin National Exhibition Center was held, and the scene was very lively. The theme of the exhibition was "Science and Technology Fire Protection, Safe Tianjin", which mainly emphasized that fires are more fierce than tigers, to prevent problems before they occur, and to guide people to pay attention to the quality of fire protection products. Jianzhi Group was invited to participate in the exhibition.

in the center of the exhibition, there was a highlight that was particularly noticeable,Jianzhi Group's booth is simple and generous, but full of connotation, attracting a lot of attention, because it has the highest quality commitment in the world--A gray piece award 1618 yuanEvery word and picture on the booth is full of high gold content.There was an endless stream of customers visiting and consulting there. Song, general manager of Tianjin Haishun Materials, an excellent agent of Jianzhi Group, was in high spirits and was enthusiastically explaining to the customers. The customers also listened attentively.

We introduced Jianzhi to the visiting customers and friends in an all-round way, so that they can not only understand the quality of Jianzhi products, but also understand the management concept of Jianzhi and the enterprise spirit of "either do it or do it well". The confidence and determination to build a world brand and a real famous brand in the hearts of users.Customers and friends listened carefully, put forward actual case exchanges from time to time, and some took notes. The atmosphere was very harmonious.The customer said that through this exhibition, he not only knew the products of Jianzhi, but also understood the attitude and determination of Jianzhi.

Thank you for the valuable opportunity provided by Tianjin Fire Protection Exhibition for Jianzhi Group, and thank all friends for their encouragement and support. With your colleagues, Jianzhi will have a better tomorrow!