[Good News] Jianzhi Group Successfully Passing CCC Certification for Trench Fittings

Warmly congratulate Jianzhi Group on passing the CCC certification of trench fittings!!

In order to adapt to the increasingly severe market situation, Jianzhi Group began to prepare for CCC certification at the end of 2014, and passed the on-site audit of CCC certification on September 30, 2015 and October 21.Obtain the Ministry of Public Security Fire Products Conformity Assessment Center issued by the trench pipe fittings China National Compulsory Product Certification.

The passing of the compulsory product certification of groove pipe fittings is the affirmation of the construction of the groove pipe fittings products, and it also puts forward higher requirements for the construction of the group. As a product closely related to people's lives and property, our construction staff will always take social responsibility as their own responsibility, as always, adhering to the enterprise spirit of "either do it or do it well", ensure the quality of products, constantly innovate product quality, improve product service, and provide the most solid backing for the majority of dealers and customers.