Hebei Jianzhi Group Technical Transformation Newsletter

  In 2007, in order to expand the production scale, improve labor efficiency and reduce production cost, the company plans to invest 15 million yuan to transform the old factory area and build a mechanized modeling production line with an annual output of 16000 tons of malleable steel pipe fittings. that is, the advanced production technology in the same industry is adopted to make the current manual modeling mechanized modeling, change the current cupola melting to electric furnace melting, and change the current intermittent annealing kiln to tunnel kiln capable of continuous annealing. After the project is put into operation, the company's total output can be increased by 5000 tons per year, and can greatly improve labor productivity, reduce production costs, but also to varying degrees to improve product quality, improve the working environment, reduce labor intensity.

This work is being carried out in an intense and orderly manner and is expected to be officially available in June 2008.