The awarding ceremony of "China Foundry Industry Cluster Pilot Zone" and "China Foundry First Village" was held

        On the morning of December 23, the awarding ceremony of "China Foundry Industry Cluster pilot area" and "China Foundry first Village" was solemnly held in Liujiaguan Community Square, Xianggong Street, Hedong District. Jia Chengbing, Chairman of China Foundry Association, Zhang Libo, Executive Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of China Foundry Association, Lin Jianghai, Chairman of Shandong Foundry Association, Song Faliang, Assistant Mayor of the Municipal Government, Liu Zhanren, Secretary of the District Party Committee, Li Zhiye, Deputy Secretary of the District Party Committee and District Mayor, Duan Daguang, Director of the Standing Committee of the District People's Congress, attended the awarding ceremony.

        Li Zhiye delivered a welcome speech. He said that the China Foundry Association awarded Hedong District "China Foundry Industry Cluster Pilot Zone" and Liu Tuan Village the honorary title of "China Foundry First Village", which is not only a full affirmation of the development of the foundry industry in our district, but also a great encouragement and spur to our district. Our district will take this opportunity to adhere to the foundry industry cluster as a breakthrough and growth pole to accelerate development, and through fruitful work, support the continuous growth of key leading enterprises, and form a group of large-scale enterprise groups with strong competitiveness and their own characteristics. The foundry industry cluster has made new and greater contributions to promoting the development of the foundry industry.

        Jia Chengbing, Zhang Libo, Lin Jianghai and Song Faliang spoke respectively. Jia Chengbing and Zhang Libo awarded "China Foundry Industry Cluster Pilot Area" and "China Foundry First Village" honorary cards for Liu Tuan Village.

        After the ceremony, the leaders also visited the foundry workshop of Liu Tuan Village Mengling Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

        The relevant departments of the district and the main responsible comrades of Xianggong Street attended the ceremony.