The Third National Symposium on Technology and Standardization of Metal Wear-resistant Materials

The "Third National Symposium on Metal Wear-resistant Materials Technology and Standardization" jointly sponsored by the National Foundry Standardization Technical Committee and Jinan University was held in Beijing on August 23, 2009. 37 experts and representatives of wear-resistant materials and casting technology from 32 units across the country attended the seminar.
The experts and representatives of this conference are mainly from well-known domestic steel wear-resistant material manufacturers, and some invited experts are from scientific research institutes and universities engaged in metal wear-resistant material technology and standardization. During the meeting, Secretary General Ge Chenguang of the National Foundry Standardization Technical Committee introduced the requirements for the revision and review of national foundry standards. Professor Li Wei of Jinan University made a compilation explanation on the revision of several national standards for metal wear-resistant materials. The meeting mainly studied and discussed the current situation and development trend of standardization technology of metal wear-resistant materials at home and abroad, focusing on the revision of national standards, combined with the draft of three national standards for metal wear-resistant materials, such as "wear-resistant white cast iron parts", "austenitic manganese steel castings" and "cast high manganese steel metallographic phase", to deeply discuss the main technical contents. During the meeting, the three national standards were reviewed and adopted by the National Foundry Standardization Technical Committee.
The meeting achieved the purpose of more in-depth technical exchanges, and was praised and praised by the participating experts and representatives. The meeting promoted the development of standardization of steel wear-resistant materials (parts) in China, and created conditions for the development of national standards for "wear-resistant steel castings" and "wear-resistant composite castings.
(National Foundry Standardization Technical Committee, Jinan University contribution)