[News] Chairman of Jianzhi Group was hired as a part-time mentor by Tangshan College!

On the afternoon of December 18, 2020, an off-campus part-time tutor appointment ceremony was held in the administrative office building of Tangshan College, and Vice President Hao Zhihua issued a letter of appointment to Chairman Ren.

After the appointment ceremony, Ren Dong gave a speech entitled"Passion makes dreams, dreams make the future" special lecture. Yuan Shaoqiang, director of the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, and Li Jing, deputy director, listened to the lecture.

Ren Dong first introduced the basic situation of the construction of the branch. Then, Ren Dong shared with the students the mental process since starting a business, encouraging the majority of young students to have dreams and pragmatic spirit; to respect knowledge and pay attention to practice; to study with an open mind and work hard; To have"Do one line, love one line" spirit of excellence, but also to maintain a good attitude, ready to bear hardships and stand hard work. Finally, Ren Dong analyzed the development prospects of the mechanical and electrical industry, encouraged young students to be full of hope for the future development of the industry, and wished the students smooth sailing on the road of life in the future!

Director Yuan Shaoqiang made a concluding speech.Medium, requires college students to be down-to-earth, not to aim too high, to take Ren Dong as an example, to do things in a high profile and to be a low-key person. The lecture ended with warm applause from the students, who felt benefited a lot. This lecture not only provides a and enterprise for college students who are about to graduate.FaceThe opportunity for face-to-face communication, but also for the future and employment of students pointed out the direction.

After the lecture, Director Yuan led Ren Dong and his entourage to visit the graphene platform and the laboratory of the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of Tangshan University. The school and enterprise reached a consensus on internship training, scientific research platform co-construction, joint application of scientific research projects, employment, etc., in order to further strengthen Industry-university-research cooperation has laid a good foundation.

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Tangshan CollegeIt is a public full-time general undergraduate college that focuses on engineering and coordinated development of economics, management, literature, law, art and other disciplines.In 2016, the school became a provincial master's project construction unit in Hebei Province. College is divided4Campus, covering an area1253Mu, school building area58Ten thousand square meters. Total value of teaching instruments and equipment17229.05Ten thousand yuan; book collection131Ten thousand copies, open48undergraduate majors and some related Junior College majors; ordinary full-time undergraduate and Junior College students2More than ten thousand people.