[News] Leaders of China Casting Association once again went to Chifeng to build branch management industry for investigation and inspection.

On July 24, Ma Hongru, Deputy Secretary-General of the China Casting Association and Director of the Consulting Service Center, Zhang Boming, Chairman of the Expert Committee, and Wu Rengui, Deputy Director of the Consulting Service Center, went to Ningcheng County, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia to conduct industrial research. The research group mainly investigated Chifeng Jianzhi Management Co., Ltd. and Zhongjing Industrial Park, and held a special forum with the local government. Ningcheng County Deputy Magistrate Wang Tiegang, county environmental protection, economic and information, development and reform, government offices, development zones and other leaders attended the meeting. The research group conducted all-round exchanges on industrial policies such as environmental protection, safety and energy conservation, park planning, cluster development and various industry activities.