[Good News] Warmly Congratulate Comrade Shan Wanfu of Jianzhi Group on Winning the 2018 "Hebei Province May Day Labor Medal"!

Recently, Hebei Province held a commendation meeting to celebrate the "May 1st" International Labor Day. Comrade Shan Wanfu, director of the mold workshop of Jianzhi Group, won the 2018 "Hebei Province May 1st Labor Medal".

Comrade Shan Wanfu is determined to forge ahead, pioneer and innovate. In recent years, he has won the second prize of "Tangshan City Skills Competition Fitter Professional Group" and the first prize of "Hebei Province Technician Competition Fitter Work Group. In 2017, he was awarded the title of "Excellent High-skilled Talent" by the Yutian County Party Committee Talent Work Coordination Group for his outstanding performance in the high-skilled field of Yutian County.

The workshop he led has been rated as "advanced workshop" by the company for years, "excellent quality trustworthy team" by Tangshan Quality Association in 2018, and he himself has been rated as "excellent employee" by the company for years ". For more than ten years, Comrade Shan Wanfu has been tempered in his work practice, increased his talents, actively led the workshop to carry out quality competitions and technical competitions, and often took the initiative to teach new employees technology, and the workshop employees united and helped each other.

Comrade Shan Wanfu strives for excellence. In the process of enterprise technological innovation, he has always adhered to the policy of taking science and technology as the forerunner, and fully carried forward the construction spirit of "either do it or do it well". In March 2017, he participated in the development of "new malleable cast iron pipe fittings", which was identified as "new industrial products in Hebei Province" by the Department of industry and information technology of Hebei Province, reaching the level of "domestic leading. It has successively obtained two utility model patents, such as "a kind of integral casting plate of malleable steel pipe fittings" and "a kind of combined casting mold", and obtained remarkable economic and social benefits.

Comrade Shan Wanfu devoted himself to his ordinary post, assiduously studied post technology, and actively explored advanced production technology, which demonstrated the demeanor of workers in the new era.