[News] Jianzhi Group was appraised as "AAAA-level standardization good behavior enterprise"!

After voluntary application, the standardization organization confirmed that the standard system established by Jianzhi Group is reasonable, effective in operation, meets the needs of enterprises, and the standardization work is good, reaching AAAA level.

Since its establishment, Jianzhi Group has met the requirements of the "Enterprise Standard System" series of national standards with strict management and high requirements in production and operation. During the review process, our company carefully reported on the situation since the establishment of standardized good behavior enterprises. The expert group conducted detailed and comprehensive tests on our company by means of on-site inspection and material review, and finally passed the review of "AAAA-level standardized good behavior enterprises.

The evaluation of standardized good behavior enterprises indicates that Jianzhi group has entered a new journey of standardization, standardization, procedure and scientization. We will take this opportunity to continuously improve product quality, so as to better meet the needs of users.

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Standardized Good Behavior Enterprise

Guidelines for the Implementation of Standardization Good Behavior Activities compiled by the National Standardization Management CommitteeP2in"Standardized Good Behavior Enterprise"Definition given:

In accordance with the requirements of the "Enterprise Standard System" series of national standards, the use of standardization principles and methods to establish and improve the technical standards as the main body, including management standards, work standards, including enterprise standard system, and effective operation;Enterprises that have implemented standardized management in all aspects of production and operation, and have achieved good economic and social benefits.

The standardized management level of enterprises is divided into four levels: "AAAA", "AAA", "AA" and "A", of which "AAAA" is the highest level.