[News] Chifeng City and County Leaders Visit Chifeng Construction Branch Management Industry!

On the morning of March 14, Duan Zhiqiang, secretary of the Chifeng Municipal CPC Committee, and Huang Guowen, vice mayor, accompanied by secretary Zhang and county magistrate Ma of Ningcheng County, inspected and guided the work of the construction branch management industry in Chifeng. Ma Aimin, executive deputy general manager, warmly received the two-level leaders and reported in detail the production situation of the enterprise.

At present, the production of Chifeng branch pipe industry is smooth, especially the newly established production plant is also put into operation smoothly as scheduled, with sufficient personnel, normal equipment operation, and orderly development of various tasks. The leaders at the city and county levels of Chifeng fully affirmed and placed high hopes on the development and production of Chifeng's branch management industry, and hoped that Chifeng's branch management industry would continue to work hard to make greater contributions to the economic development of Ningcheng County.