[Good News] The Provincial Technology Center (Grade A) of Jianzhi Group was officially awarded the license!

Recently, the Hebei Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology officially awarded the first batch of provincial technology centers (A-level), and the Jianzhi Group Technology Center was listed among them with its leading technical advantages. The provincial technology center not only has a higher threshold in economic indicators such as enterprise sales scale, but also pays more attention to the comprehensive level of innovation ability and innovation demonstration role.

The award of the provincial technology center this time is an affirmation of the technological innovation capability of Jianzhi Group and indicates that the technological innovation level of Jianzhi Group has reached the leading level in the industry. In the next step, the Technology Center of Jianzhi Group will, as always, adhere to independent development and cooperative research and development of industry, university and research, so as to provide strong technical support for the scientific and technological progress of Jianzhi Group!