[Good News] Jianzhi Group Becomes the First Provincial-level Standardization Good Behavior AAAA Demonstration Enterprise in Tangshan City in 2017

Warmly congratulate Jianzhi Group on becoming the first (2 in total) provincial AAAA demonstration enterprise of good standardization behavior in Tangshan City in 2017!

On the morning of October 31, the provincial standardization good behavior demonstration enterprise acceptance meeting was held ceremoniously in Jianzhi Group. The provincial expert group conducted a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the development and operation of our company's standardization work by listening to reports, consulting archives and on-site verification, and highly praised our company's outstanding contribution in the formulation of national industry standards. Affirming our achievements in standardization work, after comprehensive evaluation and scoring, the expert group finally determined that our company has officially become a provincial-level standardization good behavior AAAA demonstration enterprise.

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Standardized Good Behavior Enterprise

The definition of "standardization good behavior enterprise" in P2 compiled by the National Standardization Management Committee: according to the requirements of the series of national standards of "enterprise standard system", using standardization principles and methods, establish and improve the enterprise standard system with technical standards as the main body, including management standards and working standards, and operate effectively; Standardized management has been implemented in all aspects of production and operation, and achieved good economic and social benefits of the enterprise.

It can be seen that the content of enterprises to create standardized good behavior is to establish and improve the enterprise standard system, so that the enterprise management links to achieve standardized management; to carry out the creation activities is to better promote the establishment of a sound enterprise standard system.