[Good News] The Engineering Technology Research Center, which relies on Jianzhi Group, passed the review smoothly!

Recently, to build a branch group as the support unit to declare."Hebei Province malleable cast iron pipe fittings engineering technology research center" successfully passed the strategy and on-site evaluation of Hebei Provincial Science and Technology Department. The establishment of this provincial engineering technology research center will provide a platform for leading the development of industrial technology, sharing of internal and external innovation resources, complementary advantages of scientific research strength, and rapid transformation of scientific and technological achievements. it will effectively promote the innovation and development of the traditional foundry industry in the province.

It is reported that "Hebei Province Malleable Cast Iron Pipe Fittings Engineering Technology Research Center" is the first provincial science and technology research and development platform declared and approved by the same industry in the province.Jianzhi Group drives scientific research progress with innovation and development, and ensures product quality with scientific research strength.