[Flash] Chifeng City and County Leaders to Jianzhi Chifeng Branch Inspection Work!

On the morning of July 5, 2017, Qian Rongxin, Director of the Office of the Standing Committee of Ningcheng County, and Wang Xuetao, Deputy Magistrate of Ningcheng County, accompanied Li Yanru, Mayor of Chifeng City, Liu Xiang, Director of the Economic and Information Bureau of Chifeng City, and more than ten people to the Jianzhi Chifeng branch. Inspect work.

Ma Aimin, deputy general manager of Chifeng Branch, warmly received the leaders at the city and county levels, accompanied them to visit the automation workshop, and introduced the production situation and development ideas of our company in detail. Mayor Li, Director Liu, Director Qian and others have greatly appreciated the contribution made by Jianzhi Group to Ningcheng County Government and the welfare brought to the local people, and greatly valued and affirmed the development prospects of Jianzhi Group. at the same time, on behalf of the municipal and county governments, they also expressed their support for the work of Jianzhi Group as always.