[Good News] Warmly congratulate Jianzhi Group on its outstanding achievements in the county vocational skills competition!

In order to establish the concept that talents are the first resource, and to promote the trend of knowing, loving, respecting and using talents in the whole society, the Yutian County Talent OfficeIn 2017, the overall arrangement of talent work, in conjunction with the Organization Department of the County Party Committee and other departments, held the "Agricultural Commercial Bank Cup" Labor Star Vocational Skills Competition at the County Vocational Education Center on May 26.

Selected by the Construction Branch GroupEight employees participated in the competition of fitter, welder, CNC lathe worker and ordinary lathe worker. After intense competition, Jianzhi employees won one first prize, two second prizes, and four third prizes. In particular, Li Huawei and Zhang Xudong achieved the first and second good results in the county's fitter group. In order to commend the advanced, the county leaders also personally awarded the "Labor Star Competition Outstanding Contribution Award" to the Jianzhi Group ".

This competition not only shows the elegant demeanour of Jianzhi employees, but also sets up a good county enterprise image of Jianzhi Group. In order to build international quality, Jianzhi Group has always attached importance to the improvement of the professional skills of its employees,Outstanding AchievementofacquisitionIt's Jianzhi people."Either don't do itDo it wellThe embodiment of the spirit of enterprise.