[Flash] Chifeng College Leaders Visit Jianzhi Chifeng Branch!

On the morning of June 9, Lei Derong, President of Chifeng College, Li Chunlin, Secretary of the Party committee, and more than 70 people, accompanied by Ma county head of Ningcheng County, visited Chifeng branch of Jianzhi. Deputy General Manager Ma Aimin warmly received the leaders of the college, and gave a detailed introduction to the visitors of our company's stable production status and broad development prospects, and expressed his desire for senior professionals.

Dean Lei and his party spoke highly of our company and praised the product quality of the pipe fittings. President Lei also had a cordial conversation with Deputy General Manager Ma and expressed his willingness to train and transport relevant professionals for our company.

College Leaders Visit Pipe Fittings

Ma Zong explained the stable situation of construction and branch production.