Development History


•Hebei Jianzhi Casting Group Ltd. was founded in 1982. It is stressing on quality and credibility.

•Invented "Chain Link Type Quality Management", and obtained "The First Prize Modernize Innovation of  Enterprise Management "issued by Ministry of  Agriculture in August of 1994.

•Passed international quality management system certification in 2002.

•Invented the first generation Leak tightness Testing machines in 2007.

•Used by the Olympics' main projects in 2007, Olympic Bird Nest, Beijing Yintai Center, Grand National Theater, Huatai Center etc...

•Passed American UL certification in 2008.

•Invited the portable angle testing device and awarded the patent on January 28th of 2009.

•Attended drawing an revising GB/T3287(the malleable iron pipe fittings standard) drawing and revise working.

•Attended revising the national standard GB/T9440(the malleable iron pipe fittings standard)

•Passed European Union CE, Brazil ABNT and Turkey TSE certification in 2010.

•Founded Chifeng Jianzhi pipe industry 2011.  

•Authorized “China Famous Brand”in January of 2014.

•Passed Quality, Environment, Occupationgal health and safety system certification in November of 2014.

•Passed American FM certification and CCC certification of National Ministry of Public Security in 2015.

•Became the first provincial enterprise to identify enterprise technology center in  september 2016, and became a national high-tech enterprise in November of    the same year.

 At  the beginning of 2017, the third  factories of Chifeng  industry were completed and put into operation, and the industry introduced the international advanced                 production line.

In April 2017, hebei province science and technology small giant enterprise title.



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